Joan Watson Fashion Appreciation (o2.2o)




one of the things that annoys me about elementary is that joan has such a rad wardrobe but it’s mostly expensive designer stuff and in reality someone in her position probably would not be able to afford designer stuff?? why can’t the wardrobe department dress her in affordable things so I can dress like her without spending 5 million dollars???

the narnia theory is my favorite


Are people actually giving Joan shit for the plate-throwing scene?  Dammit, Joan’s reaction to Sherlock’s tantrum was necessary. Ever since episode one, Sherlock has had destructive outbursts (destroying a car, setting things on fire, pushing over things), and it’s always bothered me how Joan kept a tight lip about it.  You can’t deny that Sherlock has a problem with violent impulses - he tried to torture and murder Sebastian Moran because he doesn’t know how to deal with grief without violence or drugs.  After that happened, Captain Gregson fired him and punched him!  No complaints there.  So when Joan decides to demonstrate the futility of his tantrums by throwing ONE plate, suddenly she’s patronizing and annoying?  HMMMMM.  

Joan Watson + not biting her tongue

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Hmmmm, that didn’t solve anything.