A useful rape analogy.


A useful rape analogy.

the vagina post


Fellow Vagina-Bearers.

Too long have our vaginas been living in the Dark Ages. There is technology. Technology that can make your vagina’s life so much richer and more hopeful. 

Here is a list of must-have accessories for your vagina!

Note: This post and the links contained therein are NSFW. Also, here follows detailed discussions of vaginas, periods, sex and peeing in alleys. I seriously say the word “vagina” about five hundred times. If you are not okay with these things, do not read. Please do not come back to me and be all EW MARIANNE TMI ABOUT YOUR LADY PARTS. Also, curious penis-bearers are welcome, but bear in mind that we will be delving deep into the Mines of Moria. You have been warned. More behind the cut. 

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on the subject of elementary (my dear joan)


a queer woman of color is cast as one of literature’s favorite characters
(not the Great Detective, but his equal)
there are those that scoff because—
it’s american
and how dare this american production follow in the footsteps
of house and psych and the mentalist
(seriously, look it up)
how dare they twist a dead man’s creation
(even though he hated what he made)
they scoff at the accents and the setting
and they scoff at the woman now called WATSON
and they do this with ‘genderswap’ fanfiction in their bookmarks
and they do this with rule 63 fanart on their blogs
they complain at the injustice of a woman in a man’s role
they complain of vaginas ruining their precious gay jokes
(i’m not his date we’re not together bromance i love him
don’t take it the wrong way i like women NO HOMO NO HOMO)
it’s binary thinking applied to a color-wheel world
invented controversy and festering words
shielded by a faux-ally paint
a queer woman of color instead of 
call the fucking presses
there are people whining on the internet
about a queer woman of color being cast as one of literature’s favorite characters


when i look at the notes of something i posted and the first few lines are “blah blah reblogged from you” then the next 1239823 lines are “blah blah reblogged from bloo bloo” and “bloo bloo reblogged from blee blee” and i’m like, maybe this is what it feels like to light the beacons of gondor